Nektar Impact GX 61

  • 61 semi-weighted, full-size, velocity-sensitive keys
  • 14 assignable RGB LED buttons for MIDI, note repeat and Nektarine features
  • Nektar DAW integration compatible with 12 DAWs: Bitwig, Cubase, Digital Performer, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Sonar, Studio One
  • Repeat function lets you play and repeat your melodies to create unique rhythmic patterns
  • Nektarine plugin host to control up to 16 VST/AU
  • MIDI, USB and pedal connectivity
  • Shift button activates transport buttons’ secondary level for a total of 14 accessible buttons
  • Cubase LE & Retrologue synth licenses included (upon registration)
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Nektar presents the new Impact GPX series, a new generation of keyboard controllers designed to give you an incredible playing experience and complete control over your DAW. The GPX61, with 61 semi-weighted full-size keys, will have you enjoy each note you play, with a true to life feeling thanks to its velocity sensitivity and aftertouch.

The GPX series also features an intuitive, functional interface with knobs and buttons to interact with your DAW. Licenses for Steinberg Cubase LE and Retrologue virtual synth are included too, to give you all the means to start your production journey.

When used with the Nektarine software, your keyboard turns into a powerhouse for hybrid and MIDI-based setups: you’ll be able to control up to 16 VST or AU-instrument plugins right from your GPX61.

The GPX series has been designed to respond to your latest needs in terms of music-making: a versatile and compact device that is able to give you a great playing experience as well as integrating with your favourite software.

GPX61 features 61 semi-weighted and velocity and aftertouch-sensitive keys. You can choose from 5 different velocity curves, that range from soft to hard touch, to suit your playing needs and preferences. The “normal” mode is optimised to give you full control over the whole velocity range right out of the box.

The front panel is designed to give you direct access to the most important controls to interact with your DAW without frills. In addition to transport control, track selection and volume control, you’ll also be able to MIDI-map 14 assignable illuminated RGB buttons.

The GXP61 comes with a DAW integration that is currently compatible with 12 of the most used DAWs, but if yours is not included you can still manually map the controls to your wish. The modulation wheel, foot switches and big knobs can also be assigned to send out MIDI cc messages. Pressing Shift you’ll also activate transport buttons’ secondary level.

The GXP61 includes a new Repeat button that lets you play and repeat melodic sequences. Five dedicated RGB buttons give you access to Repeat Rates, Accent, Interval, Swing and routing aftertouch or modulation to velocity. Tempo can be controlled via the dedicated big knob, unless your keyboard is clock-synced to your DAW. Experiment with Repeat and its different modes to create interesting rhythmic patterns, ideal during live performances.

The GXP Series features all the connectivity options you need: a MIDI port to send and receive information from your DAW, a USB port to plug and play to your laptop or computer and jack inputs to connect expression pedals and foot switches.

You can use your GXP61 as an excellent MIDI controller, but the real fun comes when you install the included Nektarine plugin host. Nektarine immediately connects to your keyboard and lets you switch complex setups like on a live keyboard workstation including zones, layers and more. Control up to 16 VST/AU, build multipatches between instruments and effects to have them accessible with the press of a button.

The GXP Series includes licences for Steinberg Cubase LE and Retologue synth, to kickstart your production journey right out of the box!

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