Klipsch Dramatically Upgrades Its Best-Selling Reference Speakers For 2022

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Klipsch Dramatically Upgrades Its Best-Selling Reference Speakers For 2022

Klipsch has been producing some of the loudest and most dynamic-sounding speakers since the end of the Second World War when the company’s founder, Paul Klipsch, first set up the loudspeaker company. Klipsch is rightly proud of its founder’s legacy and although Paul passed away in 2002 at the grand old age of 98, the brand is still a byword for loudspeakers, especially in its home market of the USA.

The company still embraces the Paul Klipsch philosophy of always striving to create a better-sounding speaker, as can be witnessed with the debut of the new Klipsch Reference series speakers. The acclaimed Klipsch Reference series speakers have been a mainstay of countless living rooms for many years, but this new series is, according to Klipsch, the most dramatic upgrade to the series since it was first launched.

The new series incorporates many technologies that have been derived from the award-winning Klipsch Reference Premiere series and consists of 10 models – including Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. All the speakers feature the latest technological audio advancements from the Klipsch audio engineers as well as some cosmetic and material upgrades from the cabinet department.

Klipsch Reference R-50M, R-30C, R-121SW
As well as featuring sub-woofers and Dolby Atmos speakers, the new range include three floor … [+]KLIPSCH

Now in its seventh generation, the new Klipsch Reference series aims to deliver even higher sound quality, precision, clarity and power. The speakers feature a larger, edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix horn for improved coverage, bandwidth and directivity control. New woofers made of spun-copper thermoformed crystal polymer (TCP) have cones with steeper angles for a smoother response. There’s also improved crossover integration for more accuracy and transparency.

The new cabinet designs are modern and elegant and feature enhanced bracing along with a black scratch-resistant, wood-grain vinyl finish, metallic-coated binding posts, plus discrete Dolby Atmos connections that enable easy and refined elevation speaker integration.

The 10 new Klipsch Reference series models consist of three floorstanding speakers (R-605FA Dolby Atmos-enabled, R-800F and R-600F), two center channels (R-50C and R-30C), two bookshelf speakers (R-50M and R-40M), one Dolby Atmos elevation speaker that can also be used as a surround speaker (R-40SA) and two powered subwoofers (R-121SW and R-101SW).

Pricing & Availability: The new Klipsch Reference series speakers are available now in the EU and UK. The USA launch will be in May with prices to be confirmed then.

  • R-605FA – £1,499 / €1,598
  • R800F – £1,249 / €1,298
  • R600F – £949 / €998
  • R-50M – £325 / €349
  • R-40M – £275 / €299
  • R-30C – £375 / €399
  • R-50C – £279 / €299
  • R-40SA – £399 / €449
  • R-121SW – £549 / €599
  • R-101SW – £499 / €549

More info:

Key Features:

  • Horn-loaded, detailed and dynamic Klipsch sound
  • Advanced acoustics: 90º x 90º Tractrix horns.
  • Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) aluminum tweeters for more detail
  • Spun-copper TCP woofers for smoother response, accuracy and transparency
  • Built-in up-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos sound (R-605FA)
  • Made with high-quality wood materials
Klipsch_Reference R-40M, R-50C, R-101SW
The new Reference series of speakers from Klipsch feature a larger edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix … [+]KLIPSCH

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